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Mission Statement – Here at Best High Technologies LLC we have a culture of providing continual service support throughout all our offerings via technical skill tests, standardized team benchmarking, scalable contract support teams, and JIT Project Teams.

We work with our clients to deliver one-stop solutions for all of your consulting and staffing needs. We also specialize in application software development, statistical data analysis, and technology training services.

BHT is a leader in the industry through offering high technology solutions that save on overall time and cost. We do this by providing scalable support for your entire project needs that are effective, affordable, and easy to understand.

Choosing Best High Technologies over competitors will provide your company with low overhead costs and faster completion of projects through our JIT project teams.

BHT is an ISO 9001 quality organization and guarantees that all services will include support from appropriately certified industry professionals and comply with all industry regulations.

Our Services

IT Consulting

Strategic IT Consulting Services Give You a Winning Advantage

We offer IT consulting services that will help you improve your software architecture, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimising your software portfolio. Our software engineers will finish your digital transformation journey through careful planning and effective execution of the outlined IT strategy.

As one of the leading information technology consulting firms, Best high technologies delivers tailored IT consultancy services and business IT support to organizations of any size. With Best high technologies as your partner, we can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.

Use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at Best high technologies to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that goes in line with your business objectives. Our strategic IT consulting will help you automate and digitalise operations, optimise the software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies.

Our IT Consulting Services

Best High Technologies offers a full range of information technology consulting services, from strategic IT planning and budgeting to security audits and compliance reviews.

IT Strategy & Planning

Assistance with strategic IT planning is one of our most frequently requested services. We think of strategic IT as a core competitive strength, helping you to invest in the right technologies to prepare your company today for tomorrow’s challenges.

IT Budgeting

IT budgeting goes hand in hand with strategic IT planning. But trying to build a technology budget without a clear understanding of what your company needs is frustrating.

IT Assessments

Chances are your network has developed gradually over time, with layers of hardware and software that may now be contributing to unintended security gaps or inefficiencies.

Security Risk Assessments

As your business relies more heavily on technology, the inherent risks increase as well. A single data breach or ransomware attack can cause huge financial, legal and reputational damage.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Many organizations are bound by compliance regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, FINRA, PCI-DSS, NIST/CMMC and ISO standards.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Business interruptions happen, and a continuity and disaster recovery plan is vital to keep your company up and running through whatever crisis you might face.

Our IT Consulting Process

Best high technologies has been helping organizations of different scale and structure to improve and modernise their IT strategies.


Our IT consulting advisors study your existing software solutions and the ways in which your employees use them, identifying problems in workflows and automation.


The advisors design a roadmap and strategy that will help your business leverage the latest technologies and de-clutter your software infrastructure. Then, they set software and employee KPIs.


Impactful IT consulting services rely on collaboration between the client and the IT consulting company. Our experts will closely analyse your workflows, tracking the performance to discover the pain points. Our software engineers will then eliminate the impeding elements.


After completing the initially set goals, our IT consulting advisors and software engineers recommend steps for future improvements, as well as assist with implementing them.

Web Application Development

Harness the power of modern web frameworks to build progressive web apps that scale

We are a web development company that purely focuses on building fully functional, robust, and scalable web applications. We build custom web apps using the right technology stacks that align with your business objectives and help you achieve maximum growth. Our end goal is to build quality web applications for you that maximize resource utilization at a low cost.

Our web application development services include design and development, testing, and support and maintenance. Along with that, our experienced web app developers also help you in technology consultation, modernizing legacy architectures, and migrating to new web architecture.

We have an excellent team of web development experts who are constantly experimenting and implementing innovative ideas that will transform website designs into a gold mine for your business.

Mobile Application Development

In a mobile-first world, customers and workers want more ways to engage with your brand. Build apps to meet their needs, faster

Creating seamless and intuitive mobile applications that offer the best user experience is what our team of mobile app development professionals at Best High Technologies, India are experts at. We design & develop all kinds of mobile apps for iOS, Android, etc. depending on your business and end-user requirements.

We ensure client success by creating robust and high-quality software products in sync with their organizational goals. Our mobile app services include tech stack consultations, application development, testing, deployments, and after-sales support.

Mobile app development services cover end-to-end development of mobile apps, from business analysis and UI/UX design to mobile application testing and deployment or online market publication.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment service is the key to success for most organizations irrespective of whether it is Internal and External. Identifying the Vulnerability in an environment with a clear understanding of the Business and Technical risk is the key to success to uphold and review the appropriate security controls.

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. Examples of systems for which vulnerability assessments are performed for include, but are not limited to, nuclear power plants, information technology systems, energy supply systems, water supply systems, transportation systems, and communication systems. Vulnerability assessments can be conducted for small businesses to large regional infrastructures.

Vulnerability assessment has many things in common with risk assessment. Assessments are typically performed according to the following steps:

  • Cataloging assets and capabilities (resources) in a system
  • Assigning quantifiable value (or at least rank order) and importance to those resources
  • Identifying the vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource
  • Mitigating or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is also known as Pentest, is a simulated cyber attack against the computer system, web application or network performed to evaluate the exploitable vulnerabilities in the system. The purpose of simulated attack is to find any weak spots that attackers could gain unauthorized access to the systems feature and data. The pen test can be automated with software applications or performed manually.

The main objective of the pen test is to find the security weakness. It will also highlights if there’s a weakness in the company’s security policies. The insights from the simulated attack can be used to mitigate or patch the detected exploitable vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is sometime called as white hat attack, as because the good guys are attempting to break in. Organizations should perform pen test at least once per 12-15 months to ensure the security of the data.

There is a wide variety of penetration testing and it can be categorized on the basis of either, the knowledge of the target or the position of the pentester. Each of the test option providing information that can dramatically improve the security posture of the organization.

  • Internal & External Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Wireless Technology Assessment
  • Embedded & IoT Penetration Testing

Network Security Assessment

Even though highly ethical in the process of the Network Security Testing, the core team transforms to identify the possible threats as any cybercriminals would try with their persistent approach.

Best High Technologies Network Ssecurity Testing Service is one of the best in the industry. Best High Technologies professionals are experts in the latest attacks methods and techniques used to exploit information systems. Best High Technologies shall implement defensive strategies to protect your critical systems and information.

Best High Technologies performs Internal, External Network Security testing and all Network technologies and solutions including Wireless Security Testing, Firewall, NAC, VLAN and Network segmentation

  • 43% of cyber-attacks target small business
  • 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks
  • 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets
  • 51% experienced denial of service attacks

Website Security Assessment

Website security is very important to protect your business, brand, and reputation and also prevent financial loss and shutting down of your business website. With the development of more sophisticated cyber threats, website security is gaining more importance as website owners are now keen on protecting their websites and visitors from dangerous cyber threats. As we all know, cybercrime is indeed a huge business and cybercriminals are always on the lookout for weaknesses in your website.

The main advantage of doing a website security assessment is that it bolsters the security of your organization or business. A security assessment will examine your system and find weaknesses that you may not have even known existed. Followed by fixing such problems and blocking any loophole.

API Security Assessment

APIs are becoming ever more popular due to simple, Schematic, faster to develop and quick to deploy. The primary focus of API security test is finding the vulnerabilities of the API by running penetration tests, fuzz tests, validations, sensitive data exposure determination, and so on

Global statistics show, there are 60% of applications depends on Public and Private API. Application Program Interface (API) is a web service used by web applications, mobile and thick client applications to communicate with each other for data sharing purposes.

These API based applications can contain many security vulnerabilities like authentication vulnerabilities, JSON web token related issues, business logic issues, injection vulnerabilities, transport layer encryption weakness (cryptographic issues) etc., We help you to assess their API based applications effectively using in-depth manual and automated assessment methodologies to improve the security of API enabled applications.

Web App Security Assessment

A Web Portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. Apart from the search engine standard, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, infotainment, and other features. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether.

There is an increasing use of the internet by organizations to take advantage of its global reach. However, this introduces the requirement for pristine security controls related to processes and technologies that need to be deployed and securely managed. Our consultants conduct comprehensive security testing of the applications deployed for the Web Portal. All the server-side components of an application are examined. They include, but are not limited to, the following items that support the application:

  • Application code
  • Web servers and Database servers
  • Directory and authentication devices
  • Firewalls
  • Network and enclave configuration required to support the application
  • Operating system platforms for any of the above

Mobile App Security Assessment

Native or Hybrid, the Mobile App Security Test is an intense assessment that shall be performed on the mobile applications. With more and more applications now made available on Mobile including the financial transaction features now made available on Mobile, our team of experts ensure all possible threats exploited to ensure that the complete MAPT – Mobile Application Security Test passes the litmus test.

Mobile applications have had a revolutionary effect on organizations globally. Despite their efficiency, these apps may contain several vulnerabilities/flaws that pose a security threat to an organization. Our mobile app penetration testing services discover malicious and vulnerable components in mobile applications (Android/iOS), keeping your business and customers secure against attacks.

Source Code Review

Source Code review can identify security loopholes earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Source Code Review Service are a mandatory part of compliance requirements in many industries including Health Care, Fintech, Product development companies. Best High Technologies Source Code Review Service involves finding vulnerabilities overlooked during the software development phase. Ranging from Encryption errors, Buffer Overflow, SQL Injections, possible backdoor entries, weak authentication etc.,

Best High Technologies has experience and expertise in performing source code review in Manual and Automated methods

In a recent study, the US Department of Homeland Security noted that 90% of security breaches happen because of vulnerabilities in the code. On average a codebase in enterprises consists of third-party components and containing open source components and 44% of those applications as critical vulnerabilities.